About Company

Hishtil-Toros Fidecilik has been operating since 1999, with the partnership of "Toros Tarım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş" and "Hishtil Holdings" which is one of the the world's leading companies in the production of seedlings. HTF has a capacity of 150 million seedlings production in 50 acres of greenhouse in Antalya. Hishtil-Toros Fidecilik accelerated its efforts to export vegetable seedlings and has been started selling a variety of European countries.

Which has become common in recent years, soil-transmitted diseases that lead to loss of yield and quality of production in the fields and in greenhouses, has been solved by the seedlings that have been produced by HTF, first-time in Turkey. With the huge demand of grafted seedlings, HTF has speeded up investments in this topic and raised its capacity to 20 million/year from 2 million/year in last 4 years. Grafted pepper and grafted melon are beeing produced as well as grafted watermelon, grafted eggplantand grafted cucumber.

HTF, in 2008, developed a new technology named "RS technology". In that technology, seedlings are being produced by single-use viols. Because of the nature of its roots, adapts immediately to the soil, and shortens the duration of holding the ground.HTF is the guaranty of future of the Turkish farmer, and is leading to the Turkish agriculturel industry technologicaly,with its future planned projects and investments .